Dokumentation stillgelegter Eisenbahnstrecken
von Dennis Köthur
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On the "Ostheide-Elbe-Bahn" / railway line no. 1963 from Uelzen to Dannenberg via Zernien

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Since the year 2020 there is now also a draisine route in the Wendland near Dannenberg. On the former "Ostheide-Elbe-Bahn", there is draisine traffic on the section between Zernien and Pudripp or until shortly before Dannenberg.

Zernien draisine station

To book the draisine there is the external website at Wendlanddraisine with further information about the about 6.5 km long draisine line.

In the next few years, an extension of the draisine line to Dannenberg to the „Jeetzeltalbahn“ is also planned. The more than 10 km of further railway line is still preserved, but individual sections of track are damaged. In addition, extensive work is still to be done, such as the cutting of greenery.
The rails in the direction of Stoetze are only still in place in the Zernien area. Up to the port of Uelzen, the railway embankment has been trackless since 2018.

The draisines used:

Take weatherproof clothing with you!

When riding a hand trolley, it is essential to wear appropriate clothing-
therefore sturdy shoes, long trouser legs and rain protection are necessary!

Picture gallery of the Wendland draisine railway

Inspektionsfahrt im Dezember 2018 mit Pocket-Railbike Draisinen

Draisinenfest / Gewerbeschau im September 2019 mit Pocket-Railbike Draisinen

Inspektionsfahrt im Februar 2020 mit Schwedendraisinen (Bauart "Igelström-Joswig" und Modell "Ivon")

Draisinenfest im September 2020 mit neuer "Hunderwasser-Draisine" / "Igelström-Joswig" und Pocket-Railbike Draisinen

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